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The troops of Total War: Warhammer II


In case you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:


What I want to do here for eager Total War players is talk about what factions and troops are features in this video



The lands of Lustria lie to the west and south of the old world – the setting of Warhammer Total War. Just as the Old World can be thought of as an alternate Europe, so Lustria is like and alternate South America, with ancient temples and steamy jungles filled with hidden traps and dangers.

Dark Elves

Dark Elves live in the stony lands of Naggaroth, to the north of Lustria, but the love of treasure and magical artifacts often brings them south.


In this scene we see dark elf warriors with repeater crossbows, a weapon unique to this faction. With a high rate of fire, dark elves can spew a tremendous number of missiles towards their foe.

Witch elves


Anyone concerned about how these would translate into Total War can relax: they look like they should. Witch Elves are fast and furious, a classic glass cannon capable of dealing out damage but will disappear quickly should they be attacked first.



Dark Elf lords are ambitious, capricious, and malicious. These are simultaneously their strengths and their weaknesses.

High Elves

The sworn enemy of the dark elves (or is it the other way round), the high elves see themselves as the magical guardians of the world, though greater powers than theirs exist…


Here we see a column of high elves armed with spear and shield. Along with lighter bowmen, these are the mainstay of any high elf army.



The spellcasters of High Elf society often wield enough influence to move armies in the case of magical mysteries to be unlocked, or opportunities to be grasped.



Lizards riding dinosaurs are cool, right? Lizardman armies consists largely of the diminutive skinks (seen above in the foreground) and the stocky saurus further back).



These are the pre-eminent magic wielders of Warhammer, armed with magical knowledge stretching back to before the High Elves rose. These are the real magical guardians of the world, and tend to ally with the High Elves where a mutual threat presents itself. In the past the slaan have moved continents with their magic.


And finally…


Don’t worry about the rat; that’s clearly a misdirect.


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