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ArtStation stop: Simon Gocal

Simon Gocal’s work mixes fantasy and reality in a creative and pleasing way. Here’s five of my favourites from his ArtStation page. Click on any image to see the full size version.



In this scene a rider flees a burning village, though we don’t know whether this is an attack he carried out or whether he is running. The title suggests the latter.

Medieval skirmish


Two warriors clash against a bright sky in this colourful piece.

Border patrol


Historical looking warriors blend in seamlessly with the giant lizards and their riders in this piece.

We got ’em, boys


The aftermath of a skirmish in a post-apocalyptic winter. The victors wear breathing helmets yet rely on bows and axes.

Warrior lady


A more traditional looking portrait of an armoured warrior.


See these images and more at Simon Gocal’s ArtStation page.

One comment on “ArtStation stop: Simon Gocal

  1. kennethabaldwin
    June 13, 2017

    Great action and dynamic poses in this work.

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