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Lorehammer: Morgiana, the Fay Enchantress

The land and people of Bretonnia share a strong bond with the mythical Lady of the Lake. The Fay Enchantress is the title given to the Lady’s human (some say immortal) representative in the land. The current Fay Enchantress is named Morgiana.

The Fay Enchantress has great temporal power in Bretonnia, though she seldom uses it overtly. In the past, the Fay Enchantress has deposed unworthy kings, and should an anointed king of Bretonnia die without a clear heir, it is the Fay Enchantress who will choose his successor. Any grail knight will do her bidding without question, no matter what is asked of them.


Most often the Fay Enchantress can be found wandering the realm. Sometimes she will appear to knights towards the end of their quest, guiding them on their final steps to the Lady of the Lake.

As she travels through villages and towns of Bretonnia, the Fay Enchantress gathers children to her, those she deems to be ‘of promise’. These children follow her into the forests and then to another realm. Some return later as Damsels of the Lady. These women are lesser spellcasters than Morgiana, but still powerful and a great asset to any Bretonnian army. The boys who follow Morgiana never return, and are undoubtedly safe and well and living on an island somewhere.


The Fay Enchantress herself has been known to take to the battlefield, where she represents a force to be reckoned with. The Bretonnians can muster no spellcaster more powerful, and she can draw down the blessing of the Lady simply by her presence. She will often be accompanied by her own retinue of grail knight protectors, who will suffer no harm to come to her.

In miniature

Games Workshop produced two miniatures for her, both of which are now out of production and likely to remain so.


The more recent version is on the left, that is the one I prefer, but either miniature will be available on the second-hand market.



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  1. Ann
    March 19, 2017

    I prefer the mini on the left too. I like the one on the right but the rider’s hair just doesn’t quite do it for me.

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