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Modern Masters 2017 art review


I will leave it to other article writers and websites to talk about the set. Suffice it to say this set looks a lot of fun to play with, especially in sealed or draft. That is a huge improvement over the IMO lacklustre 2015 release, or least year’s Eternal Masters. This set looks designed to play with, not to open looking for the few cards with ‘lottery ticket’ value.

There are a few cards with new art, and I want to look at some of those here.

Abyssal Specter by Daarken


This isn’t a prime value card int he set, but it’s one I was happy to see new art for, especially art this good.

Azorius Signet by Raoul Vitale


This art is ‘new to paper’ rather than ‘new’, as it has been on Magic Online for some years now. However electronic cards aren’t real cards, so it’s nice to see this art make the leap to something I can hold in my hand. Not that I didn’t like the original art, but a change is as good as a rest, as they say.

Goblin Guide by Filip Burburan


The reprinting of this card has been eagerly awaited by Modern format players, and the original’s price was climbing ever higher. It comes with this cool new art too. Would you let this goblin tell you which bridge to cross?

Ranger of Eos by Ryan Pancoast


The original ranger art was a vanity card featuring an actual magic player (who designed the card). This new version sees decorated armour and shield plus a soft pink sky in the background.

Snapcaster Mage by Ryan Alexander Lee


As with Ranger of Eos, this art replaces vanity art featuring a Magic player. Snapcaster Mage is one of the more valuable cards you can pull from the set, and this art is featured on Modern Masters 2017 boxes.


See all cards with art old and new, at the Modern Masters 2017 card image gallery.

2 comments on “Modern Masters 2017 art review

  1. Particlebit
    March 15, 2017

    Hey, just found your blog! I’m glad to see some focus on the art for MM17, I’ve liked some of the new designs, specifically the first on your list Abyssal Specter. I used to use them back in 7th but the new art is much better. I haven’t warmed to the new Snapcaster art yet, though I’d probably be quite happy to pull one.

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    • davekay
      March 15, 2017

      Glad you like it! Yes, I think Abyssal Specter’s art just got massively improved with this set!

      Liked by 1 person

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