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Taking advice from White Dwarf

In the February 2017 issue of White Dwarf, an article about approaching army painting inspired me to adjust how I’m approaching my own target for painting models this year.

I’m not painting an army, so some of the advice about choosing strong, simple colour schemes and applying them to every model isn’t strictly relevant.


Planning was one piece of advice that I’ve followed. Within the 100 model target there are a number of projects I’ve already identified as being able to contribute towards that number. So I know roughly what I’m doing. Completing some of these projects (such as the Dark Age archers) will serve as my milestones.


One piece of advice was to start with complex models early, to help get over the hump, and also allow you to speed up towards the end of the project. I usually do the opposite and perhaps my list of ongoing projects is testament to that!

Having multiple projects leading to the goal is useful as it allows me to mix up what I’m painting. The Dark Age archers are fairly simple, whereas the Blood Angels from Space Hulk are complex with lots of detail:


In truth I worked out how I wanted to paint the genestealers years ago, but a scheme for the Blood Angels eluded me. I accidentally came up with a red I liked last year while painting Storm of Sigmar. These models are taking some time to do, but once all the marines are done the genestealers will be done fairly quickly.


Finishing projects is an easy milestone, but with 100 models to paint, coming up with a monthly target was also important. In effect having 8 models finished one month, then 9 the next will lead me to my target. January and February targets were met, and keeping a mix of complex and simple models on the go will help keep this up.


This is one piece of advice that made me change things. The shelf above my painting station usually holds undercoated models in the queue. After reading the advice about keeping your painted models on display to encourage you to finish more, I put these away in a drawer and replaced them with the models I’ve completed so far this year:


As the year goes on I will add more models to the tower and hopefully expand out across the shelf!


Inspiration can come from unlikely sources, and even with 20+ hobby years under my belt, a magazine like White Dwarf can still be useful.

3 comments on “Taking advice from White Dwarf

  1. spalanz
    March 4, 2017

    I think I need to read that article! Awesome stuff, sounds like things are going well!

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  2. Azazel
    March 4, 2017

    I’ll have to do the same. Work out which of the new WDs in the pile is the February issue and read that article.

    I found the monthly painting challenges I’ve been participating in since the start of last year has helped a great deal. Since I ran the first two, I had the benefit of setting up the rules to suit myself and maximise my chances of getting stuff done.

    Something else that helps with my “butterfly” style of painting is when on the weekends I set myself a few figures (like 2-5 max) that I have to *finish* before I can flit around to others.

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  3. Von
    March 4, 2017

    They’re making a noticeable effort with the hobby content at the moment. Actual insights and showing how ranges of stuff fit together. I’ve learned something from every Paint Splatter I’ve read, which is… rather the point of doing those articles, I’d have thought.

    New White Dwarf may actually be Quality Content.


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