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ArtStation stop: Tianhua Xu

A Beijin-based concept artist and art director, Tianhua Xu has also illustrated several Magic: the Gathering cards, where he is credited as Tianhua X. His ArtStation page is a pleasing mix of concepts, characters, and full paintings.

Giant Tree


A twisting tree reaches through the clouds to the sun in this enchanting piece.

Qi Lin


Sometimes you have to keep the background neutral to focus on the character, as here.



I’m not sure if the title relates to the year for this desert scene or something else. Either way I like this desert scene.

Mother of Chaos


In this futuristic piece a street gang worships a living junk pile.

White Dragon


The bright dragon contrasts with the dark surroundings in this piece.


See these images and more at Tianhua Xu’s ArtStation page.


One comment on “ArtStation stop: Tianhua Xu

  1. Josh Glover
    February 27, 2017

    Incredible work, I can’t fault a single piece and neither would I want to!

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