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Lorehammer: King Louen Leoncoeur of Bretonnia

bretonnia_sepiaLouen Leoncoeur enjoys a reputation within and outside his borders as a fierce fighter and skilled diplomat. Other human nations have learned not to pinch at Bretonnia’s borders, but also that Louen will be their staunch ally against the forces of Chaos or Undead.

As a young prince Louen successfully quested through the lands before drinking from the grail to become a Grail Knight. With his extended lifespan, Louen should sit the throne of Bretonnia for a century or two, unless he is killed in battle or the world ends or something like that .

Grail Knights typically sit to one side of the Bretonnian nobility, rarely ruling either lands or men, but keeping both safe from threats. Kings of Bretonnia must combine their earthly duties with their grail vows, which is no easy task, but a Grail Knight is not interested in those tasks which are easy.


A warrior king is what Bretonnia needs as threats grow ever stronger around them. Inside the borders, Mousillon festers with undead and stands as unfinished business for the king. Even when fighting from the back of a hippogriff, Louen can’t be everywhere at once. Raids on the borders have so far kept him from being able to mass the forces necessary to reclaim Mousillon for the realm. This would be a popular move with knights eager to win new lands for themselves, but so far the king has not called an Errantry War. One day soon, perhaps.

King Louen certainly believes in keeping his knights active as in his reign the number of tournaments and other contests of knightly prowess has increased significantly. Knights are meant for battle, and the sword of Bretonnia will not be kept sheathed forever.

In miniature

Games Workshop produced two version of Louen Leoncoeur, both riding his hippogriff. Either is worth adding to your collection if you like that sort of thing. The Bretonnian range was recently discontinued so you are limited to second hand options or a lucky find on a dusty store shelf. The two miniature are picutured belwo, with the older version on the left.



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