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Full art basic lands return to Magic

Really, full-frame art should be the standard for a basic lands. The half art lands do a comparatively poor job of showing off the landscapes we are playing in. However, it’s clear that Wizards choose to withhold some things that could be offered all the time in order to make them more ‘special’. Pretend special is still special, and this is where we are with full art basic lands.

Amonkhet, Magic’s next set, is due for release in April 2016 and will come with full art basic lands… sometimes. Here they are:


One of these lands will appear in roughly every fourth booster pack. The majority of lands we see will be the half-frame variety, but every so often there will be a pleasant surprise in the form of one of the lands above. A sort of everyday promo.

It isn’t full art basic lands as a standard, but it’s a start.


4 comments on “Full art basic lands return to Magic

  1. Von
    February 25, 2017


    I like those.

    Yes, they should be the standard. Absolutely agreed. There’s no reason to stick to the “space for box text” format if there’s no reason to put box text on the card.

    And I think they call it “artificial scarcity”.

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  2. Bookstooge
    April 7, 2017

    I want to know if the landpack in the fatpack will be ALL full art or not. If so, I’m definitely picking up a couple…


    • davekay
      April 7, 2017

      As I understand it, the full arts will appear in the same ratio, so 15 of your 60 basics will be full art in the bundle.

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      • Bookstooge
        April 7, 2017

        thanks for the info. That sinks my interest in a fatpack then…

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