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Beastmen teams for Blood Bowl

This team has been updated as of November 2017 and the new version can be found here.


Back in the dim reaches of time (1998 to be exact) Games Workshop published a fan-written magazine called the Citadel Journal. I had a few articles published there over the years, one of which expanded on the Chaos teams in Blood Bowl.

With the 2016 release of Blood Bowl, I decided now was a good time to update my work. After looking online I saw that my original work had inspired other to take the teams forward as years passed and Blood Bowl changed. I also didn’t see any team list specific for this version yet, so enjoy!

Tables are… challenging to do on WordPress, so here instead is an image, but you can download this in PDF format below.


citadeljournal29My intent here is the create a team that is fun and challenging to play, and offers chaos coaches something different to do. The new version of the team provides a collection of players who love to blitz. Coaches  will need to decide if they want to build their around a core of Gors or else start with the Centigors and Bestigors and make do with the relatively unimpressive Ungors instead.

As with the original version of this team in the 1990s (printed in Citadel Journal 29) I was primarily inspired by the Beastmen models available in Warhammer. However the original team reflected different times in both Warhammer and Blood Bowl, and so needed some changes. The original team pre-dates Centigors and I wanted to include them, plus the Bestigor needed to be toned down.

To give this team a try, download the document below:



I’l be happy to answer any questions about the list or hear stories of your successes and failures!

2 comments on “Beastmen teams for Blood Bowl

  1. eeree
    October 3, 2017

    Was having a discussion about your roster, and it was pointed out that Chaos Gors have S access on normals, so thats a mistake in updating the roster.

    Other than that, I think Centigors should get 7 MA and lose Juggernaut. Compared to the similar Bull Centaurs, they’re much faster, so 7 MA is appropriate, and they’re much more lean, so they shouldn’t get Juggernaut. Point being, they shouldn’t be THAT much harder hitting than Bull Centaurs, horns is plenty. I think Sprint with no Sure Feet represents their drunken rageyness well.

    As for Bestigors, I don’t think them having the same armor as Chaos Warriors and Black Orcs is appropriate. I’d drop it to 8 and drop the price to 110k. Yes they salvage armor, but salvaged armor isn’t as tough, and its worn improperly and held together by weaker pieces. It’s important that Beastmen be squishier than their Chaos counterparts. This is the same as on FUMBBL. Also, they’re too pricey paired with Centigors.Beastmen shouldn’t have quite such elite units.

    Thanks for the roster update! Nice to have a new perspective on the Beastie Boys.

    This is the current FUMBBL roster

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    • davekay
      October 3, 2017

      Thanks for that I really appreciate the feedback. I will do an update hopefully before the end of the year and take your points on board


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