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ArtStation stop: Adrian Smith

His art is well-known to fans of Games Workshop’s games as he’s done work for them over the years. However Adrian Smith has far more than just Warhammer art in his portfolio.

There he is!


This Conan-esque piece shows a vengeful sorceress pointing out her prey to a force of goblins and giants and other rogues.

Conan (board game cover art)


Speaking of Conan, Adrian Smith illustrated this fantastic cover art for a recent Kickstarter game. Here the eponymous hero has leapt straight from the pages of Robert E. Howard.

Warriors of Khorne


I had to include at least one Warhammer piece. Here we see the forces of the blood god seeking skulls for the skull throne.

Eagle Scout


This is one of a number of illustrations Adrian Smith produced for the Eastania Westania trilogy of books.

The Others: Seven Sins: Sloth


Another Kickstarter illustration, this one for the board game The Others.


See these and more illustrations at Adrian Smith’s ArtStation page.


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  1. Ann
    February 13, 2017

    Nice art. I agree, he does evoke Robert Howard well.

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