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Blood Bowl Dwarf team

The Dwarf Giants team for Blood Bowl is here, and I’m here too to show you what’s inside!

The box


The box makes it nice and clear exactly what you will be getting inside – and underrated feature when I look around the wargames hobby. For those using only Games Workshop paints, there is a handy guide on the back showing you which paints were used on the painted examples shown.

As well as your 12 players you receive some additional tokens, plus a transfer sheet and slottabases.



As with many Games Workshop releases we get two identical sprues, each containing half the team. Also on the sprue are extra balls, tokens, and score markers for the game. There are some head choices too for the Blitzer and Slayers, giving some customisation there.



I’m a fan of Games Workshop’s plastics and this is no change. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, even for a spatially-impaired person like me. I only rarely put a piece on the wrong way! For normal humans, the instructions are clear and plastic is crisp and fits together well.

Behold my assembled team!


I made life difficult for myself by deciding to snip off the slottabase attachments and put my players in these discs from Renedra. This was less trouble than I anticipated and now the players are ready for some Dungeonbowl!

Game ready

The Dwarf Giants box gives you a starting team of 12 players that will run you 920,000gps. My plan is to start with 11 players (just one slayer to begin with) and have 3 re-rolls for a total of 980,000. Next purchases will be an Apothecary and then that second slayer. Once you buy this box you don’t need any other models for the team, unless you are really in love with that Deathroller.

2 comments on “Blood Bowl Dwarf team

  1. doubledowndice
    August 11, 2017

    Nice bases. Are those the 25mm paved effect bases?

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    • davekay
      August 11, 2017

      They are, yes. Renedra did a gray job with them

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