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ArtStation stop: Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

Deharme’s art instantly stands out with its ethereal, sensual quality. Muted colours clash with bright spots that draw the eyes to particular features of his work. Below are five of my favourites.



Illustrated for Magic the Gathering, this art shows the angelic protector of Innistrad after she has turned on those she once defended. Blood stains the white wings and white hair of this fallen angel.



This angelic figure sits in a chair with ink dripping from one hand, and a sword thrust through a book next to her. The bright spots in this piece from from the gold chains and halo, and also the dust motes suspended in the beam of light.



A woman holding an ankh drifts through a temple, but is she as substantial as her face, or as ethereal as her dress?

Sentinel of the Eternal Watch


Another illustration for Magic: the Gathering, this ones shows a giant guarding a doorway. It seems she will be there for some time.

The smokes


A lone figures stands on a stone staircase, with smoke drifting around her. Her eyes are intent on the viewer of the piece.


See these and more at Bastien Lecouffe Deharme’s ArtStation page.

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