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The Ghosts of Projects Future

For me, assembling and undercoating models has always been a statement of intent. These models WILL BE PAINTED, I say, as look at how much effort I have already spent putting them together.

This doesn’t always go to plan, and at times over a decade can go past between undercoat and actually being painted. Here is a selection of some of the models currently in the limbo zone that comes between undercoating and painting.



I apologise for the blurry phone shot. From front to back and left to right we have:

The 2016 Blood Bowl human and orcs teams. A SAGA Norman army, and some pirates of Umbar from Lord of the Rings. I haven’t played that game since 2010 so presumably that is when these were assembled and sprayed. These aren’t the entirety of what I have undercoated, there are 50 models in that Norman army, two teams of 12 players, and a total of 24 pirates with crossbows.

Behind those we have some of the Silver Tower models, and tucked behind the Norman riders are some Dark Age archers. These will do as levy troops across a number of SAGA armies and so they aren’t part of the Norman army model count.

After that we have Space Hulk. I bought this is 2009 and undercoated the models this year. I aim to complete them as part of this year’s target.

Looming over everything is the eponymous dragon from Dragons Don’t Share, and I look forward to painting that just as soon as I settle on a colour scheme. Around it are Shattered Dominion bases which will be painted alongside the Silver Tower models. On the right at the back are two ore Lord of the Rings models – a Mordor Troll, which still looks impressive years later, and hidden due to the high angle and black undercoat is a cave drake from the same game, a very nice model in white metal.

Some of these may see a paint brush this year. For others, the long wait will go on… and on.


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