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Bones update 24

Six more Bones models complete, this time one of the science fiction squads. I painted these in blue and orange, and I think the result is darker than I wanted. For the second squad (there is a second squad!) I may try turquoise and yellow.


I took these images with the phone again. I tried using the proper camera first, but the images looked even worse than my previous phone effort! It could be user error. Nah. Camera must be broken somehow.

Also I don’t have any sci-fi terrain for these guys to explore, so this must be some ruined temple on an alien planet. Yes, that’s it.


These six keep me on track for my target of 100 models painted this year. So it has lasted longer than most resolutions…


6 comments on “Bones update 24

  1. Thomas
    January 8, 2017

    I think the photos look great (the minis too). A good phone camera will go along way today.


  2. imperialrebelork
    January 8, 2017

    They look cool. Good job on the photography. Where is the terrain from?


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