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Target: 100

Last year I dragged out every miniature I have painted. This year, I took a look around at the other half, those unpainted.

Right now I own about the same number of painted and unpainted models. Looking closely I’ll probably move some models on rather than paint them. Others however I would like to paint up.

For 2017 I’ve set myself the goal of painting at least 100 miniatures. I may regret putting this in writing. For reference, the last time I painted that many was in 2013. Since then I’ve not managed more than 70. In 2016 I bought 87 miniatures and painted less than that. I don’t want to go backwards any more. Also while I continued to chip away at the pile of Bones models, I only completed one project this year, the small Storm of Sigmar box.

So a minimum of 100 it is, plus I will attempt to purchase fewer than 100 models(!) I’ve plenty of projects to be getting on with, so no issues finding something to paint.

Another advantage I’m hoping to get is improvement. This year I’ve found my painting to be spotty, in that I am happy with some models, less so than others. Trying to paint an average of 2 models per week should give the some serious momentum to show some noticeable improvement.

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