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2016 in review

Just to be clear; I’m reviewing the performance of this blog in 2016. I’ll leave a review of the full year to others.

Growing up

The fourth year of this blog, 2016 was another record year for views and visitors.


If a month in 2016 had the same as 2013 in total, that would be a disappointing month. The graph above doesn’t quite tell the full picture though. Mid way through 2016, it looked as though the year would be about the same as 2015 in terms of hits. Here’s the month by month chart:


What changed halfway through the year? I started the Lorehammer series. Playing Warhammer: Total War, I realised that a high proportion of players were playing because it was a Total War title, not because it was Warhammer. For me it was both. The series came about because I wanted to provide something a little deeper for players who wanted some context for they things worked the way they did in the game. It has proven to be popular, and this clearly shows in the month by month statistics.

Popular reading

In terms of articles, the Lorehammer series dominates this year’s top 20. No surprises given the clear impact on hits it has had. The most popular article of 2016 was my piece on The Great War Against Chaos.

A handful of articles from previous years shows up in my Top 20 list. My guide on how to sell your Magic cards received a steady stream of hits, which was nice for an article written in 2014.

Given I established Scent of a Gamer to hold a record of my miniature painting project it was nice to see a couple of those in the top 20 too. The Bones bone giant proved popular viewing, as did my images of my complete painted miniatures collection.

SAGA remains a popular miniatures game if my hits are anything to go by. My two part series on the factions of SAGA: Crescent and Cross drew in the hits too.

To the future

In 2017 I hope to build further on what has happened in 2016. Expect some more Lorehammer articles, tied in the new factions and characters released in the game. On current news, this should mean some Bretonnian articles in January and February.

Miniature painting will also be a focus, and I hope to improve both my painting and my photography of painted miniatures this year.

Also I expect to continue to bring forward interesting things from around the net, the art of various games always interests me, and there’s usually some crowdfunding project to talk about too.

I hope to see you all in 2017!



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