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The other side of Malifaux

Wyrd Miniatures has a new project on Kickstarter. This separate game is called The Other Side, so this is not merely an expansion to Malifaux.

The miniatures are pre-assembled, though the 3D renders look detailed enough. For a $100 pledge you receive a copy of the new rulebook plus a faction box of your choice, for example this Gibbering Hordes box:


I’m not sure what advantage is provided by pre-assembly. I am something of a two-thumb when it comes to miniatures assembly but I rarely have issues with hard plastic. I suspect this is more to do with their manufacturer, but we’ll see when the models appear. There are a few examples of painted figures on the project page, but I’ll be interested in more detail.

The project is slated for delivery in December 2017, and you can see more details and the other three factions at The Other Side project page.


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