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Lorehammer: Durthu hates you

Are you alive? Are you a human, goblin, or orc? Yes? Then Durthu hates you and wants you to die. Please remain where you are and someone will be along shortly to smash you to a bloody pulp.


It wasn’t always this way. In centuries past Durthu dwelled peacefully in Athel Loren. The forest has had its share of enemies, and dealt with them. When the elves came to settle and stay, they too answered to the call and Durthu was often seen alongside them, fighting side by side with his new allies.

warhammer_wood_elves_durthuAs one of the treemen of Athel Loren, Durthu towers over all but the tallest oldest trees. He possesses great strength but also great wisdom. In years past others would seek out his knowledge, and Durthu was a sage first, and a fighter only when the need called for it.

But over the long years of strife something happened. Like amber, Durthu hardened over time. His eyes now glow with hatred of all other living things. His hand always clutches an eldritch blade. Wood Elves he tolerates – barely. Others are to be immediately killed without mercy whenever discovered in his sacred woods. The Old World of Warhammer is one of constant strife.

Once a defender of Athel Loren, Durthu now represents a threat to the Old World. If he could, he would make a forest of the world and stand within that forest free from the lesser races that always threaten his home of Athel Loren.

Have a care when you cut down the trees. They make a sound, and you never know who will answer.

In miniature

Durthu has had two miniatures over his lifetime int he game. Here’s the first, from the 1990s. It’s… quaint:


Not sure why they felt the need to show off the back of this logpile.

The new model is more impressive and will tower over other models. It’s still available from Games Workshop.



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