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The breadth of Kaladesh Draft

It’s a couple of months after the release of Magic’s Kaladesh set. With sets of recent years, by this time draft enthusiasm is winding down and people are looking forward to the next set.

With Kaladesh, that is only half-right. People are looking forward to Aether Revolt, but are still enjoying the Kaladesh draft environment.


Kaladesh draft are simply broader than other recent sets. Far more cards have some use, and also colours have more than one role available to them. You can find yourself sharing a colour with the draft neighbour, but fighting over few cards.

Aggro is often seen as the order of the day, and Renegade Freighter is a card to be reckoned with. However the set has more to offer. My most recent draft brought this into relief for me.


I had started with a rare, Oviya Pashiri, who can produce an avalanche of creatures if given time to do so. Around this card I built a green/white deck that wanted to produce a lot of creatures before attacking as a vast army.

The other decks I faced during the draft were quite different.

First was a black/white deck not unlike ones I have built. With a good curve of creatures backed by some removal and combat tricks, this decked tried to win in a straightforward way. A copy of Renegade Freighter meant this could happen quite quickly, but otherwise the black and white commons and uncommons combined well in a creature-based deck.

My next opponent wanted to take the scenic route to victory.


His was a mono-blue control deck, with counterspells leading into a Torrential Gearhul which promised to ruin my day. Our third game went to turns, before my Whirlermaker game me exactly the damage I needed to win in the air.

In the third matched I faced another mono-colour deck. This time a blisteringly fast reddeck backed up by artifacts. This deck was also ready to be slowed down by others, and able to switch over to passively dealing damage with Panharmonicon via triggered abilities such as Reckless Fireweaver or creating large amounts of energy for Dynavolt Tower.


I’m not a die-hard Magic Online player, so I have not experienced dozen of Kaladesh drafts. However the evening game me the run of the format – a mid range, a control, and an aggro deck, all of which were capable of overcoming (or being overcome by) my own green/white creation.

Different though they are these decks too just glide over the surface of what is capable using the set. The colours in the set are not one-dimensional in their function and the heavier than usual artifact presence allows for further tweaking and shaping of decks. It’s a tinkerer’s dream.

The Kaladesh format has been a great one, and while I’m looking forward to the mid-January debut of Aether revolt, I still intend to fill in the time with as many more drafts as I can manage.






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