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A monster returns: Kingdom Death on Kickstarter

In 2012, a very different sort of miniatures-based board game appeared on Kickstarter. Kingdom Death would take hours to play, and be curious blend of RPG and boss battles, with an eye-catching aesthetic.

In 2016 the game returns for version 1.5. Be warned though; this game is the opposite of cheap. The first project expanded so much the box became massive, and the new version keeps all the original cards and miniatures.


It is hard to do all these figures justice. Here’s the close up of the largest boss monster, along with one of the survivors:


Great things come…

The original Kingdom Death project delivered, but years later than originally expected. This time the project created has been at pains to set realistic expectations. The 1.5 game will ship in the middle of 2017. Expansions will follow, possibly coming as late as 2020.

This seems like a realistic timeframe given the delivery dates on the first game, along with the undoubted success of the reissue – and of course great new add-ons from the creator!

Visit the Kingdom Death 1.5 project page for more madness.



One comment on “A monster returns: Kingdom Death on Kickstarter

  1. imperialrebelork
    November 27, 2016

    I love the KOD minis but they are crazy expensive. I just can’t justify it… Or can I ? Haha

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