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MtG artists: Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller has illustrated several dozen cards for Magic: the Gathering, and also recently launched a set of token cards for Magic players to use. His art is a favourite of many, and you’ll soon see why:

Ajani, Mentor of Heroes


This older, wiser version of Ajani appeared in the Theros block, where he helped his friend Elspeth Tirel come to terms with her destiny as a hero.

Carrion Crow


This undead bird that feasts on the dead has been made suitably horrifying in this art.

Geist of the Moors


Murdered by the dark forces that roam Innistrad, this spirit tries to keep others from falling to the same fate.

Hero of Leina Tower


Theros has many heroes, including this one who has just slain a wild beast.

Palace Sentinels


These two guard the monarch, and in Fiora there is always a plot afoot to guard against!


See all cards illustrated by Aaron Miller, or visit the artist’s website for prints, and tokens to liven up your games of Magic (my favourite is the Rapunzel human token).


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