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My Nils Hamm card collection updated for 2016

2016 has been a good year to be a fan of Nils Hamm’s art, as a good number of new cards were added, particularly in the Shadows Over Innistrad block. Here are the new cards:


The previous collection I photographed finished after the Zombie Horror token, so I added the last few cards from 2015 too. The first few cards from Shadows Over Innistrad appear after Commander 2015’s Herald of the Host.


A deluge of new cards illustrated by Nils Hamm here, including the final iteration of the cycle that began with Delver of Secrets.


The bright and sunny lands of Kaladesh might not seem best suited to Nils Hamm’s art, but a couple of cards still appeared, and I like the two-tone colour of Night Market Lookout where the shadows contrast nicely with the lantern-lit background.

Here is the completed Deliver of Secrets cycle, starting with Deliver of Secrets at the top and ending with Final Iteration:


It’s great that Wizards chose to stick with the same artist throughout the cycle.

For those who didn’t see the collection in my previous article, here are all the other cards Nils Hamm has illustrated:

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