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Storm of Sigmar complete

With the completion of the final three models in the Storm of Sigmar box, I have completed my first project for the year, and not a moment too soon!

Here are the final three:


This pic was taken outside to get the advantage of natural light. I used Nilakh Oxide again to (IMO) great effect. I also had some fun with the basing, mixing the dirt and grass from the previous sigmar troops, with the slate base of the Khornate warriors. These models are leading the charge into Khorne-held territory.


Already faded grass emerges from the feet of these warriors. Where the scions of Sigmar tread, life blooms once more.

Here is the full collection:


Storm of Sigmar was a fun box to paint up, but I don’t feel the need to get any deeper into this game – except through the new Silver Tower version of Warhammer Quest.



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