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Extending The Edge

Early last year I covered a Kickstarter project called The Edge, a miniatures range from Poland with some great looking figures. After delivering on that project, the creators are back to extend the range with a new product.

The Edge: Downfall is a miniatures boardgame where your models move around on hexagonal bases. Larger models come on clusters of hexes.


The intro video for the project includes some gameplay footage using test models, which look great.

The project itself lends to upgrading. The Conflict Box pledge level gives you the game with two full factions, and three separate conflict boxes give you access to all six factions. However for less than double the cost of a Conflict Box you can pledge for the Warchest level, which gives you all six factions plus unlocked stretch goals. I mean, you’d be silly not to, right?


In addition to the factions and stretch goals above, there are some nice looking add-ons too, so even more pain applied directly to the wallet!

Visit The Edge: Downfall project page, but don’t blame me if you end up pledging for the lot!


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