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Storm of Sigmar update 3

With the Khornate forces complete I now move on to Sigmar’s troops. I don’t now what these guys are called either. That is something about Age of Sigmar in general; the names won’t stick in my head.

These are the smaller troops from the box; there are three larger ones with bigger hammers.


I took my inspiration from someone else’s post somewhere online, I wish I could remember where. He painted his Sigmar forces similarly, as older troops faded with time. I loved it, and decided to copy take inspiration from that example.

The aged bronze effect was achieved with a coat of Nilakh Oxide over a Dwarf Bronze coat. The blue colour was simply to break things up a little. As you can see I need to work more on blending, but I think the models look suitably faded.

The basing material is also difference from those on the Khornate troops, and this was deliberate too. Khorne’s warriors fight on lifeless bases of stone. Where Sigmar’s forces tread, life endures.

Three more models will complete my Storm of Sigmar box, and I have already started. Here’s a sneak peak showing the difference a coat of Nilakh Oxide makes:



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