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Three in a row: the new White Dwarf

We are now three issues in to the ‘new’ White Dwarf magazine. For those not in the know, a couple of years ago Games Workshop summarily replaced the venerable monthly White Dwarf magazine with a weekly version. This did not go over well with many people. I was pleasantly surprised to see them reverse this decision and go back to a monthly issue.

It wasn’t just a case of going back though. Complaints about the old monthly White Dwarf were quite common and tended to revolve around the magazine having a very narrow focus, especially on new releases or GW’s two main games, and additionally being filled with adverts.

These criticisms have been addressed with the new edition. So well that something happened to me that has not happened in a terrible long count of years; I bought three issues of White Dwarf in a row.


By way of context, the last time this happened the issue numbers would be in low 200s of the old monthly White Dwarf, so sometime in the late 1990s. I have now bought the same number of issues of the new monthly White Dwarf as I bought of the weekly version.

Content with the contents

The content of these new magazines has so far been broad enough, with some mention of games other than Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. Yes, this months new releases feature, because why wouldn’t they? However the coverage seems more like a theme of the months rather than a rabid focus.

Other articles include painted models armies, and tabletops, and I’ve always been a fan of that kind of eye candy – though not at the expense of any other content.


Wide angle

Overall the team at White Dwarf are doing a good job of balancing their task of keeping gamers up to date with new releases while also covering other aspects of the hobby. From painting guides to interviews with key GW staff, conversations about army building, and articles on board games or novels, the magazine does a good job of keeping players in touch with the ‘GW hobby’.


Adverts are still present in the magazine but these days they appear less intrusive and more in keeping with the rest of the content. Also having ads for online content that builds on what you have just read about seems logical to me, and this is often what we see in the new magazine.

New old beginnings

If they keep this up, I’ll be regressing 20 years to when White Dwarf was simply an automatic purchase.



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