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MtG artists: Vance Kovacs

Vance Kovacs’ art stands in contrast to the general style of Magic art, such that there is one – after all sets change their look and feel quite radically. Kovacs’ illustrations are frequently dark but with a few bright points here and there.

Avatar token (Ajani Goldmane)


The first version of Ajani created an avatar token that was stronger if you were. This token was illustrated by Vance Kovacs, as seen above.

Cutthroat il-Dal


Another feature of Kovacs’ figures is they often lack for clothing, with the focus being on the skin and musculature of the figure. Here the piece is very dark other than lightning flashes and a glint on the edge of those weapons.

Jund Battlemage


This mage comes from the savage lands of Jund, and can wield life magic or death magic, here represented on each side of the mage.

Oracle of Mul Daya


This elf looks suitably intimidating and wild, given she spends her life in the forest worshipping large beasts.

Verdant Catacombs

GamerMats Template - 300 DPI

This is probably the most recognisable of Kovacs’ illustrations for Magic, as this card has considerable market value due to its use in competitive decks.


See all cards illustrated by Vance Kovacs or visit the artist’s ArtStation page.



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