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Storm of Sigmar update 1

These must be the first ‘modern’ Games Workshop models I’ve painted. Certainly I could tell the difference from painting the Bones or Historical models I’ve painted over the past couple of years.

In contrast these were… not fiddly exactly, but the detail required a level of focus to bring out. I could not imagine painting an army of those Khorne footsoldiers, but a squad will go nicely in the Silver Tower somewhere.

Here’s the full group:


Here is the Slaughterpriest by himself. He’s a large model, and very nicely sculpted. As plastic heroes go in modern miniatures, this guy is a the top of the ladder.


Here is the group minus the Slaughterpriest


Overall I’m happy with how they came out, and the muted blue on the loincloths was a nice contrast to the red. I also opened by pot of Brazen Brass for the first time in a decade and it was still usable, so that’s nice.

Next I’ll tackle the three armoured Khorne soldiers. Don’t ask me to remember what they are called. Blood- something, no doubt.


One comment on “Storm of Sigmar update 1

  1. mikeland82
    October 22, 2016

    Nice work. I painted a box of AoS a couple of months ago. Likewise I found them very different from the historical minis I normally do.

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