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Smiths of Winterforge Kickstarter

Smiths of Winterforge is a fun board game that puts you at the head of a proud dwarf clan. Your task is to forge the best weapons, armour, and equipment in the land – and be recognised for doing so. The main way of doing this is to complete your royal contract, which is given to you at the start of the game. What better than royal recognition?

That isn’t your only path to victory though as you can spend time honing your skills, gather a crew to help you, and focus on crafting the best goods for whoever will pay.


The game plays out on a cool little board, and you need to plan your path around the city of Winterforge as you move from getting finance, to gathering resources, to forging items.

Here are the box contents:


This game was developed locally to me, so I was fortunate enough to have a go at a playtest copy several months ago. What struck me most about the game was the pacing; everyone was finalising their royal contract, or gathering fame through other means, at about the same time, leading to a cliffhanger ending as we raced to get those final few steps to finishing.

Smiths of Winterforge is the type of board game you can set up, play, and pack away in the space of an hour assuming all the players are familiar with the game. Check out the Kickstarter page as this is a gem of a game.


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