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The Fimir Return

Some interesting model choices went up on the Forgeworld website recently. The Fimir are back! This race of cyclopean monstrosities hasn’t been sighted since the early 90s, where they appeared in early editions of Warhammer as well as in the fondly-remembered Hero Quest game.


Pictured above is the Fimirach noble. You can also buy groups of three Fimir warriors, or a squad of 10:


All very nice. The new Fimir take advantage of increased levels of detail on models, and make a nice change from the original incarnation.


The releases are under the Age of Sigmar section of Forgeworld’s website. Will we see Fimir released as a another new sub-faction for this game?

May 2021 update: The Fimir have been removed from the Forgeworld page, so they are gone again… for now.

3 comments on “The Fimir Return

  1. Azazel
    October 8, 2016

    The Fimir have been on FW’s website for some time now – predating AoS in fact (unless they were removed semi-recently and have now been re-released). I have a few of them, though still not painted yet, because of course not. The new release of the bunch is the Fimirach.

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    • davekay
      October 8, 2016

      Ah okay. I only noticed them due to seeing the Fimirach as the early release model available first at Warhammer World.


  2. richardcowen
    October 8, 2016

    Yeah, definitely not an entirely new release, although that ten models for £118 deal they’ve got going? It’s not a huge saving compared to the usual prices, but, damn, is it tempting…

    That’s just under £12 a model for large infantry models of Forgeworld quality. I’m already statting them up in Dragon Rampant: Reduced Size Unit Bellicose Foot, with Invisibility to represent their magical fog, 7 points per unit, and a Single Model Unit of Elite Foot with Invisibility for a 9-point Fimirach. Expensive and tactically inflexible, but it’s a 30-point, 10-model, warband. If they release one of the female spellcasters, drop Invisibility from the troops and have her cast Dragon’s Breath on units when needed.

    And, as all Hero Quest players know, Fimir come in threes.

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