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A Bard’s Tale IV update

The fourth part of the classic CRPG series The Bard’s Tale was funded on Kickstarter last year. I’m not a backer, although the series has a special place in my gaming history, as the first Bard’s Tale game (on the Commodore 64!) was my first all-nighter.

It turns out a new video showing some of the game’s environments has been released along with an update on a few gameplay features.

The video reveals a distinctly Celtic vibe, and this is deliberate. The old township of Skara Brae is a city now, and part of a larger world called Caith.

The video comes with an update explaining how a few features in the game are working so far. The news about how music is integrated into the game sounds especially interesting:

“As befits a game with Bard in the title, music plays a large part in all aspects of BTIV’s gameplay, from combat to puzzle solving to storytelling – and also, of course, exploration. From the Highroad Whistle that allows you to travel from one circle of standing stones to another, to the Smuggler’s Lament, which grants you access to secret passages known only to members of the criminal underground, songs will get you into and out of all kinds of places. Some will reveal secret caches. Some will open portals to new worlds.”

The game is slated for release in October 2017, so don’t worry about the missing details; there is plenty of time to fill that in.



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