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Truck wars, anyone?

The release of Genestealer Cults from Games Workshop has brought us the Goliath Trcuk model:


The model can be built to a number of variants, and I detect a distinctly Mad Max-ian vibe from the images I’ve seen for far. The images above an below come from the October 2016 edition of White Dwarf and there are plenty more in that issue of the magazine, including a nice battle report.


I’d enjoy a game that had nothing more than a bunch of these machine racing around a landscape taking shots and ramming one another unit a single victor emerges. If there isn’t a game for that I may have to write one.

It has been a long time between drinks for any fans of genestealer cults. Before this year, the most recent models were metal figures dating from the early 1990s. The new range should allow for some great battles in the outdoor and indoor areas of the Imperium. Genestealer cults are different from the purestrain forms found in Tyranid armies, being mostly humans at some level of infection, from strange eyes, to additional arms and nasty claws. They operate in secret until they feel ready to take on a planets defence forces and call on their Tyranid brethren.

I just need some plastic Adeptus Arbites now…


6 comments on “Truck wars, anyone?

  1. imperialrebelork
    October 1, 2016

    Whoa!!! These are very cool

    • davekay
      October 1, 2016

      They are, and there hasn’t been much comment on them yet, which surprised me. I had to take phone photos of my White Dwarf to get the images I wanted! If this truck became the centrepiece of a Start Collecting box I think I’d buy it.

      • Azazel
        October 1, 2016

        Yeah. That would easily be a multiple purchase for me…

      • imperialrebelork
        October 1, 2016

        It’s on the GW site. I was looking at the Neophyte dudes which look ok but they’re basically just Cadians with a head swap. Hardly worth $70. The trucks look amazing though

      • Azazel
        October 1, 2016

        We’re talking “Start Collecting” boxes, not the truck on it’s own…

  2. Azazel
    October 1, 2016

    I think that game is called GorkaMorka. Add in Necromunda and some 40k 2e rules to cover your Cultists, Arbites and all of the other wargear and you’re golden.

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