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Kaladesh pre-release report

Kaladesh encouraged me to attend a midnight pre-release, which is something I haven’t done before. I had little idea of what to expect in terms of games or number of players, but I was happy with both.

Roughly 70 players turned up for the midnight pre-release, including those like me who did their farewell draft for Eldritch Moon and then stayed around for the next event.

The first thing we all received was our Kaladesh pre-release pack, which comes as a handy box:


The box holds your six packs, dice, and papercraft thopter tokens. Once you receive your pack deckbuilding can start, but there is the optional first phase of admiring your cards.


Yes, I received Saheeli Rai as my promo card and the first pack I opened revealed a Lotus Petal, one of the extra rare Kaladesh Inventions.


Deckbuilding was interesting. I stretched my red/white deck into blue in order to play Saheeli. Three colours isn’t something I’ve looked at since the Khans of Tarkir set, but throughout the morning I played players who had made similar choices and gone with the third colour.


Here’s my deck for reference, sorted by converted mana cost (CMC) with lands last.

CMC 0: Lotus Petal

CMC 1: Bomat Courier, Ruinous Gremlin

CMC 2: Chandra’s Pyrohelix, Eddytrail Hawk, 2x Impeccable Timing, 2x Veteran Motorist

CMC 3: Brazen Scourge, Glint-Sleeve Artisan, Renegade Freighter, Saheeli Rai, 2x Spireside Infiltrator, Weldfast Monitor, Welding Sparks

CMC 4: Thriving Ibex

CMC 5: Angel of Invention, Ballista Charger, Bastion Mastodon

CMC 6: Wispweaver Angel

CMC 7: Accomplished Automaton

Lands: 8 Plains, 7 Mountain, 2 Island


This deck took me to record of three wins and a drawn, which I have to be happy with. The deck had some decent consistency given the number of 2x cards I was able to put in. Stretching the mana base for Saheeli was never the wrong decision.

The event

If you’ve never attended a midnight pre-release before, then I can recommend it based on my experience alone. It has more of an event feel, and given the time everyone there is determine to have fun and sling around new cards.

I’m amazed how much effort Wizards are putting into these events, clearly it’s an important tool for them. The papercraft thopter tokens were nice, but the store received far larger and more impressive ships to place hanging from the ceiling, and those looked great.

All in all a good experience, even if arriving home at 4:35am is not my usual style!

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