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Kaladesh art review

Kaladesh is a Magic: the Gathering world filled with bright skies and bright artisans working on magical inventions. Magical aether flows through the world, and though strictly regulated, is made available to those who toe the government line. Kaladesh is a world that has seen many planeswalkers, with at least three native planeswalkers featuring in this set alone.

Filigree Familiar by Izzy


Filigree art features heavily in Kaladesh, on buildings, artifacts, and clothing.

Saheeli Rai by William Murai


Try not to go blind picking out all the filigree work in this bright piece by Will Murai. Saheeli is a planeswalker native to Kaladesh.

Prophetic Prism by Noah Bradley


A wondrous art piece from Noah Bradley, where even the clouds show filigree patterns!

Pia Nalaar by Tyler Jacobson


All is not rosy in the bright world of Kaladesh, as Chandra Nalaar’s widowed mother fights to free aether from its strict regulation.

Aradura Express by Adam Paquette



Kaladesh contains vehicles for your creatures to step into. This train is the most visually impressive of those vehicles.


What was your favourite art from Kaladesh?


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