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Bones update 21

I have completed six figures for this update. After the Bone Giant I have returned to man-sized figures.


The random nature of the selection is because as always my wife and daughters each choose my next figure to paint. After my youngest daughter chose the innkeeper’s wife I added the innkeeper. The metal golem was added later; I recently bought one of Games Workshop’s technical paints, Nihilakh Oxide, and I wanted to test it.


Out came an ancient pot of Dwarf Bronze, and after that I applied the oxide. I thought it turned out quite well. I applied a Nuln Oil glass when the oxide wasn’t quite dry and in some areas the gloss removed the oxide, creating a variation in the metallic effect that I quite like.

I saw someone do something similar to some sigmarines a while back, and since I now have the Storm of Sigmar box to paint, I may just copy that style.

One comment on “Bones update 21

  1. daggerandbrush
    September 28, 2016

    I, too, like the efect you achieved on the Golem. Veyr cool weathering. The other chaps also look the part and remind me to paint more…


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