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My top 100 Magic: the Gathering card arts, 1-10

The end of the list, or the beginning depending on your perspective. This is it, from 10 to 1, the Magic cards I (currently) like best. Great new cards arts appear with every release, and I’m sure if I were to repeat this a year from now the list would be different. I don’t think the number one card would change though.

10 – Distress – Michael C. Hayes – Magic 2012



9 – Knight of Obligation – Ryan Barger – Gatecrash



8 – Wind Dancer – Cynthia Sheppard – Conspiracy



7 – Elspeth, Knight-Errant – Volkan Baga – Shards of Alara



6 – Restoration Angel – Johannes Voss – Avacyn Restored



5 – Mardu Heart-Piercer – Karl Kopinski – Khans of Tarkir



4 – Swamp – John Avon – Unhinged



3 – Simic Guildgate – Svetlin Velinov – Gatecrash



2 – Endless Ranks of the Dead – Ryan Yee – Innistrad



1 – Cartographer – Donato Giancola – Odyssey



What can I say? I’ve always had a thing for maps. I’ve had my say – what are some of your favourite Magic card arts?


2 comments on “My top 100 Magic: the Gathering card arts, 1-10

  1. theotherone42
    September 12, 2016

    Love the ‘Endless Ranks of the Dead’ art (but I am biased towards the Undead) 🙂

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