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FFG and GW part ways

For the past few years, Fantasy Flight Games have produced a number of titles under licence from Games Workshop. These titles have included new editions of old Games Workshops games, such as Talisman and Fury of Dracula, as well as brand new games based on Games Workshop’s IP, such as Forbidden Stars or Blood Bowl Team Manager.


Recently, this relationship ended.

Fantasy Flight announced this officially recently. This means they will no longer produce a long list of games that were previously done under the licence agreement with Games Workshop. Doubtless some of these games will not see the light of day again. Others, such as Talisman may receive a new edition and release from Games Workshop, or maybe not.

Right now we don’t know. Certainly Games Workshop have released a number of board games over the past year, and this looks set to continue. Blood Bowl is on the horizon but most other games are tightly linked to Games Workshop’s existing miniatures line, and it’s hard to see where a game like Fury of Dracula might fit in with that.

In the near future we may see new original titles from Fantasy Flight Games, new licences, or expansions of their existing licences (Star Wars and Game of Thrones are hardly minor). With Games Workshop we may see a greater variety of board games released over time.



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