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Conspiracy: Take the Crown art review

The latest set release for Magic: the Gathering lets us revisit the plane of Fiora, home to scheming nobles and cunning rogues. Last time we got some stunning art, and the second visit continues this trend.

Hold the Line by Jason A. Engle


Conspiracy cards return with the new Conspiracy set. This card give you a 1/2 defender creature at the start of the game, while each of your opponents receives a 1/1 goblin that cannot block. Let the havoc begin!

Kaya, Ghost Assassin by Chris Rallis


Kaya is our newest planeswalker and I should clarify that she is an assassin of ghosts, not a ghost who is also an assassin.

Queen Marchesa by Kieran Yanner


With the death of the previous ruler, Brago (thanks Kaya!), Marches rules in Fiora now, and comes with this great new art by Kieran Yanner.

The Monarch by Mike Bierek


Conspiracy: take the crown revolves around acquiring and keeping the crown of Fiora. This art by Mike Bierek comes on the token that shows who is currently the Monarch. If you are the monarch you get to draw a card at the beginning of the end step. With these cards being legal in eternal formats (vintage and legacy) I wonder if this new mechanic will have constructed possibilities. Once you are the monarch you remain so unless someone plays a card to take the crown from you. That extra card would come in very useful.

Grenzo, Havoc Raiser by Svetlin Velinov


Marchesa is not the only returning character from the first set, as Grenzo is away from the dungeon and generally causing trouble in the turbulent period Fiora is going through.



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