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MtG artists: Todd Lockwood

Todd Lockwood is an artist who does not illustrate many card per set, but the ones he does tend to be memorable. He also seems to genuinely enjoy th game, and I think this enthusiasm comes through in his art. Here are five I’d like to share with you:

Entreat the Angels


The Avacyn Restored set gave is this card, which can put a huge number of angels into play to aid you.

Heron’s Grace Champion


Our second visit to Innistrad found a much changed plane, where of the four angelic protectors, only Sigarda remained true to the cause. Her followers now march or ride to war under the banner of the heron.

Observant Alseid


The gods of Theros often send followers down to guide their chosen champions. I love the details of this one, from the figure, to the wheat, to the clouds in the sky and the distant mountains.

Rushwood Dryad



This older piece shows a dryad moving effortlessly through the forest.

Snapping Drake


An unremarkable creature received some remarkable art from Todd Lockwood.


To see more art by Todd Lockwood visit the artist’s webpage or view Gatherer.


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