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Wonderful Strange: Shattered Dominion bases review

Shattered Dominion is the name of the new pre-modelled base range from Games Workshop.

For me, their mixed box of 25mm and 32mm bases is the perfect companion for my Warhammer Quest: Silver tower figures. Now I just have to get them off the plain bases I already attached them to…


It’s a GW product so naturally there is a preponderence of skulls whether they fit the aesthetic or not (in my opinion they aren’t needed). You even get an additional 16 skulls on the sprue in case there weren’t enough on the bases already!

As for the bases, how many do you get? A whopping 70!


Yes 70, with 30 of these at the larger 32mm diameter, with the other 40 being 25mm. A really nice box at a good price. As far as fancy bases go, Games Workshop are the low cost provider in the market right now. Riddle that one out.

The box contains 4 sprues, 2 duplicates of each base scale.





25mm (with bonus skulls!)


They are less generic than other bases on the market, but looking at the designs there’s a lot you could do simply with different colour choices. I look forward to taking the brush to these.

Games Workshop have several other sets in the Shattered Dominion range, including one set of pieces that can be added to existing flat bases in your collection.


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