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Eldritch Moon art review

Magic’s latest set mingles the dark horror of Innistrad with the tentacled horror of the Eldrazi, creating a cthulu-esque meld.

As with recent sets, the storyline is represented strongly on the cards, giving players who don’t read this an idea of what is happening to the characters during the set. The story of Eldritch Moon has a lot going on, with the final confrontation between Sorin and Nahiri, the battle to contain Emrakul, and a new planeswalker joining the Gatewatch.

Emrakul, the Promised End by Jaime Jones


The madness that afflicted Innistrad turned out to be a byproduct of Nahiri’s plot to attract Emrakul to Innistrad. Now that Emrakul is here, the madness can truly take hold. All living denizens of Innistrad are vulnerable to Emrakul’s madness and human, vampire and werewolf must fight against Emrakul’s horrors.

Final Iteration by Nils Hamm


It all began with Delver of Secrets back in the original Innistrad set. Now the cycle is complete with Final Iteration, where our insectoid wizard is teaching other students how to become more like him.

Oath of Liliana by Wesley Burt


All the living are vulnerable to Emrakul, leaving Liliana’s zombie army as the last hope to stem the horrific tide. After the battle is over, Liliana takes the oath. She’s not really a team player though, so who knows where this will lead?

Peace of Mind by Christopher Moeller


This is a reprint of an obscure older card, with new art. This card depicts Emrakul’s madness as affecting the mind more than the body. I found this art sweet and sad in equal measure.

Tamiyo, Field Researcher by Tianhua Xu


The Gatewatch were aided by Tamiyo, who sees herself as an involved observer, but was eventually moved to help. She determined that the only way to bind Emrakul was to use Innistrad’s silver moon and assisted the Gatewatch. She refused to join though, and went on her own way.


For more card arts, see the Eldritch Moon card image gallery.


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