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MtG artists: rk Post

Randy Post is always credited as ‘rk Post’ on his Magic Cards, and for that matter at his website too. rk is among that group of artists who have illustrated over 100 Magic cards over the years. His style is a favourite of many players, especially those who have played for a while. Here are five of my favourites.

Bog Initiate


I don’t think I was the only player to think this card was better than it turned out to be. It must be good, just look at the art!

Magister of Worth


This is rk’s most recent Magic card, having appeared in the recent Conspiracy set.



The Coldsnap set was mostly forgettable, the thing worth remembering is art on cards like Tamanoa. This art is smaller than I would normally share, but for art like this the smaller size is worth it.



You may have noticed that single female figures are rk’s strength.

Thought Vessel


Another recent card, this art shows an intriguing artifact.


View all cards illustrated by rk Post or visit the artist’s website.


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