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The Ninth Age

It’s been over a year since Games Workshop took Warhammer out behind the chemical sheds to be shot. Reality has sunk in for most gamers. Warhammer is gone; Age of Sigmar is here.

Just because you accept this reality doesn’t mean you have to like it.

One group of gamers decided to take the idea of massed battle games with recognisable fantasy tropes forward into the next age: the Ninth Age.


The Ninth Age is a fantasy battles rule set that will be recognisable to any former players of Warhammer. This is no accident. Ninth Age is essentially a game for players who recently had their game taken away.

The army lists will be recognisable to old and new players alike. The first full rules release was in April 2016 and the game appears to be gaining traction. What caught my eye recently was established company Avatars of War declaring parts of their range to be ‘Ninth Age compatible’.


It’s early days still, but the Ninth Age may just turn out to be The Little Wargame That Could.


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