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Original Magic Art tokens

A few months ago I wrote about and backed the Classic Art tokens project on Kickstarter. This project caught a lot of people’s attention, by using classic, public domain art to represent token creatures for Magic: the Gathering. The game provides its own tokens but people always want to personalise their game, and this was one way of doing that.

My order – one of each token produced in the campaign, arrived earlier this week.


The project made more than its original goal, enough more that tokens were produced over and above what could fit in the box, so there was an additional package too.


Once you open the box, the tokens are glossy, high quality prints, and feel like playing cards – I presume the printer normally does these. Here is the full pile of cards, with one turned over so you can see the back:


Here’s an example of a token next to the equivalent Magic: the Gathering token:


I’m clearly a token tragic, as the above Angel token was a special bonus for also backing Aaron Miller’s token project, which happened over the same time period. I’ll receive a Demon token from Aaron’s project as the reciprocal bonus. Fun fact: that Magic Angel token is double sided, and has a Demon on the other side!

To see more of the tokens close up, here’s a selection that caught my eye as I flicked through the pile:


These days I find my crowdfunding tastes have switched to smaller, more contained projects like this one. Massive projects that get overfunded many times, and then delivery 12 months or more late are not really my thing these days. Long live the smaller project!


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