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Old World armies part 3: across the waves

We started with a map showing one part of the Warhammer world. With part 3, it’s time to expand that map and show the whole thing:


It’s important to note that not all of this map was ever explored during Warhammer’s run on the tabletop. Fan armies exist, but nothing official. This final part is written with the assumption that we’ll only explore in the Total War game those armies and models that had at least some tabletop presence.


The Skaven could have been in part 2 if I’d had space. But you have to make choices. The Skaven are a race of ratmen who worship their own chaos god, the Horned Rat. They even have their own greater daemon, the Verminlord.


The Skaven are ruled by the Council of Thirteen in the secret lair of Skavenblight. This is located in Tilea, not far from the city of Miragliano. Other Skaven lairs such as Hell Pit and Fester Spike are found around the old world.

The Skaven have tunnelled under the world and there is their principal means of travel. Yes, another underway faction. The Skaven’s great achievement here was to tunnel under the ocean and emerge in Lustria to attack the Lizardmen. Were it not for Skaven interference, the Lizardmen could slumber still.

The Skaven have many clans, but the most powerful are clan Skryre, who dabble in warpstone-powered machinery and monstrosities, clan Eshin who provide assassins to the other clans, whether they want them or not! Also clan Pestilens, who spread disease far and wide, and led the attack on Lustria.


The Skaven have fought with Dwarfs, Nagash, and Lizardmen over the centuries, and for a brief period conquered the Empire, which the Empire promptly forgot about. These days the Skaven move in secret, using the underway and strike at weakened foes.

High Elves

High Elves are a defensive race and this is reflected in their army, which would rather stand motionless behind ranks of spears, using long bows and bolt throwers to whittle down enemy ranks from a distance.

High Elves are great traders and travellers, and the larger old world map is dotted with High Elf outposts far from Ulthuan, designed to give their ships a protected harbour as they travel the world.

For all their defensive outlook the High Elves have skilled fighters too such as the White Lions of Chrace and the Swordmasters of Heoth, who wield great axes and great swords respectively. Silver Helms and Dragon Knights give the army some punch from horseback. They also make use of dragons, more so than other armies in the Old World. If you like your heroes on dragons, High Elves might just be the faction for you.


Dark Elves

The Dark Elves have but one objective; to take over the lands of Ulthuan and expunge their High Elf kin. No, wait. That’s two objectives. They want to take over the lands of Ulthuan, expunge their High Elf kin, and give the throne of the Phoenix King to their leader Malekith. I’ll stop there.

Dark Elves are a dark reflection of their High Elf kin. They have archers, but prefer the repeating crossbow to the long bow. Their Executioners wield swords with similar skill to the Swordmasters of Hoeth. And so on. Their knights ride Cold Ones, a sort of fat velociraptor also used by the Lizardmen. Their love of the monstrous does not end there with black dragons and hydra also featuring in the Dark Elf force rosters.

Dark Elf society is built on slavery and this drives them across the sea on slave taking raids. The shores of Bretonnia, Estalia, and the Empire are no strangers to Dark Elf raids.



The Lizardmen are based in Lustria where they inhabit a number of ancient cities. The Lizardmen also have a city in the Southlands, below the realms of the Tomb Kings.


Lizardmen armies consist of goblin-sized Skinks, orc-sized Saurus, and troll-sized Kroxigor. But before you think of them as nothing more than a blue greenskin army, there are some important differences to note. They are led by the Slann, ancient frog-like wizards who hover over the battlefield casting spells and taking names. The other difference is the dinosaurs. Lots of dinosaurs.

Lizards on dinosaurs. Does it get any better? Sure, how about lizards on dinosaurs with FRICKIN’ LASERS.


Chaos Daemons

The chaos daemons are powerful but seldom a threat to the Old World. They have tremendous energy but expend most of this fighting one another. Each chaos god has their own collection of daemons and they do not get along.

Still daemonic armies are a sign to behold with flying chariots, daemonic hounds, and standing over them all the greater daemons. Each god has one and you’ve seen the Lord of Change, the greater daemon of Tzeentch. Khorne has the Bloodthirster, a Balrog with ‘roid rage. Nurgle has the Great Unclean One, who is not very clean, and Slaanesh has the enigmatic Keeper of Secrets. These loom over the daemonic armies as they march into battle – usually against each other.


Chaos daemons live closest to the Dark Elves, who have built a series of watchtowers across the north of their lands to warn of daemonic intrusion.

The Vampire Coast

I almost forgot! A gang of undead pirates haunt the shores of Lustria, led by a rogue Vampire Count. Perhaps a Mousillon across the waves?

Ogre Kingdoms

A civilization of Ogres, built on trading and raiding, live in the mountains east of the Chaos Dwarfs. To my mind this faction is a long shot, but it’s one that many tabletop players would like to see. Like the Empire, Ogres are a black powder army, but they take a slightly different approach to things like the proper use of cannons:


Great Big World

That wraps up our tour of the Warhammer World, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! If your first taste of this setting has come through playing Warhammer: Total War, you can be confident that there is plenty more to come.

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