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A time for heroes: the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game

Knight Models has a licensed game out to go with their licensed line of 35mm miniatures based in the Marvel Universe. Ordinary this might be considered an afterthought but in fact Knight Models has put together than interesting game that captures the essence of costumed heroes duking it out.

The sets are based across X-Men, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. To get up and running in the game you’ll need to choose one of these three as your starter pack. Each starter pack contains all you need to play, including four miniatures.


Single figure expansion packs allow you to expand your team or provide you with more options for your line up. The miniatures are sculpted to Knight Models’ usual standard of excellent.


Once you have your models assembled and painted, you’ll be ready to begin. Games can be played as a simple encounter or else as a scenario with specific objectives in mind. Play alternates from one player to the next across four distinct phases. You activate a model, then your opponent activates, and so on until all models have been activated.

As you’d expect the heroes have a wide variety of abilities, representing their role in the comics. Some characters will be incredibly strong, some can fly, and so on.


Use of terrain

One difference between this and other skirmish games is that the terrain is both breakable and usable. Want to pick up a car or tree and throw it at your opponent? You can! Need to blast a hold in the side of a wall and escape? You can! Assuming the dice go your way, of course…

This use of the terrain gives the game a unique flavour and players can invent different strategies to fulfil their scenario objectives or simply outwit and out fight their opponent.

The chosen scale of 35mm means your models will loom over terrain more frequently designed for 25mm or 28mm scale models. But then superheroes are meant to be larger than life, aren’t they?

The fun part

Overall this game is a solid addition to the miniatures space. It’s based on a strong licence, and represents its source material well, with some decent rules and some high quality miniatures. The fact that you must assemble and paint your models means this won’t be another X-Wing success story. However miniatures players who don’t mind a bit of superhero action will find this game offers a fun distraction.



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