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Warhammer Quest: then and now

I assembled the Silver Tower miniatures last week-end, and decided to see how the new models compared to their predecessors. The certainly look quite different.

whqoldnewbox New box, old box. No less than three logos adorn the front of the old box in addition to the Warhammer Quest logo. The new box does away with that.


Starting with the heroes we have the Barbarian next to the Darkoath Chieftain. The original miniatures have suffered under my paintbrush. The miniatures are all most on tiles from the original set, though I think the walkway is from the undead expansion.


The dwarf is very different to the Fyreslayer, and is dwarfed (ha!) by his replacement.


I wasn’t sure who to put the elf next to and decided on the Tenebrael Shard. Now that I think about it the Wardancer would have been a better match.


The Warrior Priest received an upgrade – every part of the new miniature looks better than the old. Even the lighting bolts!


I put the Knight Questor next to the Bretonnian Knight, since they both have knight in their name. I just noticed the Knight Questor is left-handed. Just like me!


Moving on to the enemies, I’ve taken the largest miniature out of each box to compare the minotaur with the Ogroid Thaumaturge. One thing the original box lacked was a clear ‘boss’ villain, so I have nothing to compare the sorcerer to. The minotaur looks positively malnourished.


Moving on to the goblins, I actually prefer the old plastics to the new spider goblins.


The new skaven on the other hand looks significantly better than the old one-part clan rat. This is another difference between the two releases. The original box was packed with models, but many of these were existing models simply stuffed in there to make up numbers. The new box has less than half the original in numbers, but they are all custom made for the game.


Is it fair to put the orc up against the Tzaangor? Probably not. I like both models though.


I have an old familiar to compare one of the new ones too. The new one’s feet are smaller but the book is bigger. Someone’s going to have spinal problems later in life (spinal, get it?).


Here is what an old party might look like, with Bretonnian Knight, Wardancer, Elf, and Barbarian.


And here is the new Knight Questor, Tenebrael Shard, Mistweaver Siah, and Darkoath Chieftain. The new group is definitely more of a mouthful.


So, which are your favourites?


4 comments on “Warhammer Quest: then and now

  1. daggerandbrush
    June 18, 2016

    Good question. The new ones are better when it comes down to detailing and overall casting quality. That said the old ones have a very nice oldschool charm to them which is lost to some extend in the new versions. I am personally not a fan of overdetailing for the sake of it and it seems some of,the new stuff fell victim to this. So in the end something in between the two extremes would have been superior.

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    • davekay
      June 19, 2016

      Putting them side by side I will generally prefer the new ones, but then I had forgotten the charm of those old plastic orcs and goblins. I still like them too, and as you say more detail is not the same as better.


  2. mikeland82
    June 19, 2016

    From a technical point of view the new ones win hands down, better sculpting, moulding and production techniques and technology. On the other hand I really dislike how large the new ones have become, and somehow for all the fancy names and detailed sculpture I find the new ones uninspiring, I’d have rather just seen the old races updated with the new technologies.

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  3. Ben Von
    June 22, 2016

    Great writeup! Love the humor. Interesting that in the old WHQ era GW’s figures were “chunky” with larger hands and feet to make them easier to paint. The new era figures seem to have resolved that scaling aberration by keeping hands and feet the same size and just making the rest of the figure larger to be in scale with their extremities.

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