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Titus Lunter’s artist journey

Titus Lunter has published an interesting blog post about becoming an artist for Wizards for the Coast after three years of trying.

It gives both a personal account of Titus’ experience but also some general insight in to the process of how Wizards commissions card, for example there is a 7 week turnaround time from receive the description to finished piece.

Titus also provides some advice to artists looking to break in:

Some other important things to note; art directors are busy people. Emphasis on people! Be nice and be patient. How would you feel if you get a thousand emails a day, and a thousand more the next day from people asking why you haven’t replied yet. On your road to becoming a artist for Wizards, or a better artist in general, listen to feedback and lose that stubbornness. When people with lots of experience tell you something they don’t do it to hurt you or keep you down, I hope…




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