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MtG artists: Jesper Ejsing

Work from Jesper Ejsing (it’s pronounced icing) first appeared in Magic’s Lorwyn block, with an art style inspired by British folklore. Since then he has contributed art to many more settings in Magic. I see his work more in Dungeons & Dragons these days, but we still get a decent number of Magic cards from him.

Boartusk Liege


What would a goblin knight ride? A wild board of course, as shown here in Ejsing’s art from the Shadowmoor set.

Prognostic Sphinx


Ejsing often chooses to use a limited colour palette, and when it results in pieces like this sphinx, I don’t mind at all.

Reliquary Tower


I like the contrast between the tower and its surrounds. Did it fall from the sky or rise from the ground? I have no idea.

Vendilion Clique


Like the sphinx above, this art is for a promotional version of the card.

Whispergear Sneak


This strange little creature comes from the Conspiracy set and is one of my favourites pieces by Jesper Ejsing.


See all cards illustrated by Jesper Ejsing, or visit the artist’s website.

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    October 13, 2016

    Great Post. Spellbound Dragon by Ejsing is a personal favorite!

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