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Eternal Masters art review

Eternal Masters is the latest in Wizards of the Coast premium-priced reprint-only sets for Magic: the Gathering. Eternal Masters brings together cards from across Magic’s history (outside the Reserved List, of course) and features many cards with new art. Here are five selections from those.

Animate Dead by Bastien DuHarme


This card is no stranger to reprints and now comes with this epic new art.

Enlightened Tutor by Howard Lyon


This art contains a clever reference to another tutor card Howard Lyon illustrated.

Force of Will by Terese Nielsen


This art was one of the first things revealed about the set. Terese Nielsen enjoyed having the ability to update the art for one of her most popular cards, and frequent signing requests.

Mystical Tutor by Lindsey Look


Tutor cards (cards which get a specific card or type of card from your deck) were a popular choice of reprint in Eternal Masters. This card will find an instant or sorcery spell.

Timberwatch Elf by Yohann Schepacz


This is my favourite of the new arts featured in Eternal Masters. A grim guardian emerges from the forest, in what are probably your final moments.


See the Eternal Masters card image gallery.



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